Wrocław, 13-14 września 2021

10 Konferencja Naukowa


Wroclaw, on 13-14 September 2021

10th Scientific Conference FAMILY BUSINESSES

Dear Madams and Sirs

It is a pleasure for us to invite you to the 10th ‘Family Businesses’ Scientific Conference.

Keynote: ‘What do we know about Polish family businesses. 30 years of family entrepreneurship research

The intention underlying the organization of this year’s event is turning attention to multifaceted determinants of economic processes and identification of factors creating both development opportunities as well as sources of threats for family businesses operating in the global reality.

The objective of the Conference is the development of the interdisciplinary area for cooperation and exchange of experience of scholars and economic practitioners as well as expanding the cooperation of the two domains.

The formula of the Conference is based on the integration of the academic faculty achievements with the experience of business practitioners managing family businesses as well as on the confrontation of Polish and foreign experiences.

We do hope that the Conference will also be the place to establish and strengthen contacts to facilitate starting joint scientific research. We would appreciate it if you could inform your colleagues about our initiative. Your participation in the conference will be a great honor for us.


prof. dr hab. Łukasz Sułkowski 
Przewodniczący Rady Naukowej
Chairman of the Scientific Committee


strona internetowa: www.sulko.pl

dr hab. Krzysztof Safin, prof. WSB 
Główny Organizator
Head of Organizers